Smart house by Fabrikas

Smart house by Fabrikas is our automation package for special buildings.

We create an individual concept for your smart home, design, program and adapt the smart home system to your needs and lifestyle.

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WE CONSULT ARCHITECTS, DEVELOPERS, AND PRIVATE OWNERS on how to enhance spaces and architecture with thoughtful, adaptive concepts – solutions that precisely model the space in a unique and innovative way.


WE OFFER A RANGE OF OPTIONS TO CREATE FLEXIBLE CONCEPTS FOR HOME AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS. From a simple “all off” switch to multi-layered user scenarios, our portfolio is entirely in line with the demands for comfort, style, flexibility, and energy efficiency.


FROM THE INITIAL BRIEFING TO THE ONGOING FOLLOW-UP SUPPORT, we place top value to create a positive experience for our customers at every stage of their smart home story.

Integrated Systems

Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, humidification, indoor and outdoor lighting, curtains or roller blinds – these are the main engineering systems we integrate in a smart home project. In many cases, the project is complemented by access control, security system, intercom system, garage and entrance gate control, multiroom audio system, equipment for swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas, scanning of electricity, water, and gas meters, and other specific equipment relevant to the specific object.

Recognised Standards

For automation projects we use KNX, DALI, MODBUS, ZigBee protocols which are standardised in Europe. These protocols are used by major European manufacturers of automation systems, so your project will not be tied to one specific manufacturer or installer.

Focus on Security

The security of installed systems and the protection of customer data is our number one priority. This includes both the physical resilience of the object and its systems, and the resilience of systems to an unauthorised access from outside. In our projects, we work with only products manufactured in European countries.

Premium Products

As authorised representatives of the most advanced manufacturers of automation systems, every day we are on the front lines of learning about and introducing the latest smart home technologies to our partners and customers. We have probably the largest range of premium products on the market with different design and functionality.

User Experience

We integrate your home’s engineering systems into a single whole so that they seamlessly provide uncompromising comfort and, when needed, can be controlled as intuitively as possible by stylish devices. A personalised object management interface for smart device displays provides a clear spatial representation of the objects to be managed, easy accessibility of scenarios, and easy navigation to specific functions – all essential factors that contribute to a positive user experience.

Project Experience

More than 10 years of active involvement in the distribution of smart home technologies and automation project management. More than 100 KNX visualisation servers have been installed, resulting in more than 100 customised solutions for optimal interaction between the building and its user. Our project portfolio includes individual houses, hotels and offices that meet the highest standards.