Floor socket 8602A with hinged lid that can be closed without tools. Heavy design, can be driven over, with lid seal. Suitable for cleaning with wet sweepers. The lid is anodized in natural aluminum. Other colors and equipment options on request.

Equipment 8602A: 2 x Schuko

Equipment 8602A1: 1 x Schuko • 1 x RJ45 double


Dimensions: Ø 149 x 71 mm
Instl Dim: Ø 130 x 69 mm
Supply line: 2x back, 2x below, each Ø 25 mm

EPS-Insert 12104: a screed placeholder, Ø 135 x 100 mm

Equipment Schuko, RJ45 double
Design round
Ground raised floor, screed
Field of application wet sweepers useable
Protection IP65
Material aluminum
Color aluminum nature
Surface anodized
Load passable by car
Installation under floor
Height adjustment Not levelable
Number of slots 02