Floor socket 9902D made of solid aluminum with 2 slots. The cover is anodized in natural aluminum and closes in a straight or angled shape even when the standard plugs are inserted. By turning the cover by 180°, this version is also suitable for cleaning with wet sweepers. Further equipment variants on request.

Equipment 9902D: 2 x Schuko
Equipment 9902D1: 1 x Schuko • 1 x RJ45 double
Equipment 9902D2: 1 x Schuko, 1 x Aerial

Dimensions: Rim Ø 170 mm, Socket Ø 150 x 77 mm
Instl Dim: Ø 150 x 75 mm
Supply line: 2x back, 2x below, each Ø 25 mm

EPS-Insert 12107: a screed placeholder, Ø 155 x 100 mm
Plastic-Insert 12108: a screed placeholder made of PVC, Ø 161 x 100 mm