4-channel Multi-function Switching Actuator or 2-channel Blinds/Shutters Actuator.

High load capacity, with 16A built-in relays, as well as a zero-crossing-point control, which allows switching very high loads, even capacitive type.
Incorporates 12 Inputs: 8-Binary Inputs + 4-Binary/Analog Inputs.
These inputs can be independently parameterized through the ETS Software:

Binary Input: allows the connection of a conventional voltage-free binary sensor or switch.
Analog Input: allows the connection of a DINUY temperature probe (ST KNT 001 or ST KNT 002).

Incorporates a front keypad for independent manual control of each output, as well as status indicator LEDs.
Allows to enable and configure up to 4 independent Heating and / or Cooling Thermostats.
It incorporates 8 Logic Functions, Centralized Control, Scenes, Time Function, etc.
Possibility of connecting different phases in each output channel.
DIN-rail mounting, 4 modules wide.
Programming and commissioning via ETS5 or later versions.

Product reference IT KNT 004
Power Supply (V) 230VCA
Frequency (Hz) 50
Consumption 7mA
Output channels 4
Switching capacity (A) 16
Type of load 4 individual output channels switching
LED lamps load (W) 400
Incandescent and Halogen 230V (W) 3000
12V Halogen with electronic transformer (W) 3000
Motores (VA) 700
Maximum current input 1/10VDC (mA) 0
Maximum Number of Equipments 0
Contacts Voltage-free
Binary/Analogic Inputs 12
Installation DIN Rail
Module number 4
Control KNX Bus
Programming by ETS5 o posterior
Compatible with KNX
Connection terminals Captive Screws
Cable section (mm2) 2.5
Minimum Storage Temperature (ºC) (min) -30
Maximum Storage Temperature (ºC) (max) 70
Minimum Working Temperature (ºC) (min) -5
Maximum Working Temperature (ºC) (max) 45
Protection Degree IP20 , UNE 20324
According with Directives Low-voltage 73/23/EEC // EMC 204/108/EC
According to the Standard KNX Standard 2.0 // EN60669-1, 2-1 & 2-3