Interface with 8 independent channels, which can work as Binary Input.

Equipped with 8 Digital (Binary) inputs which may be conmnected to a conventional push-button, switch or binary sensor with free-voltage contact.
Connection cables can be extended up to 200m.
Each of the 8 channels has the following configurable functions with the ETS:

Switch: to turn the light ON and OFF.
Switch and Dimmer: to turn ON/OFF and dim the light.
Multiple Switch: to turn ON/OFF the light depending on the number of press.
Sequential Switch: to do sequential switching ON/OFF.
Blinds/Shutters Control: to move the blinds/shutter by push buttons or switches.
Scenes Control: to save and recover a light scene.
Values Sending: to send different measures or values, for example the light level, temperature,….
Impulse Counter: it allows, for example, counting the number of operations.

Universal – or Junction-box mounting.
Programming and commissioning via ETS5 or later version.

Product reference EM KNT 003
Power Supply (V) 21Vcc – 32Vcc
Consumption 5mA
Output channels 8
Programming by ETS5 or later
Installation Mechanism box
Start up System Mode
Line length (m) < 200
Type of inputs Binaries
Minimum Working Temperature (ºC) (min) -5
Maximum Working Temperature (ºC) (max) 45
KNX Medium TP1
Protection Degree IP20
According with Directives Low-voltage 2011/65/EU / EMC 2014/30/EU
According to the Standard KNX Standard 2.0 / UNE-EN 50491-3:2010 / UNE-EN 50491-4-1:2013 / UNE-EN 50491-5-2:2010