Retractable power distributor SV302 for outdoor use, made of saltwater-resistant aluminum. The retractable power distributor SV302 is accessible by car, of course, only when the lid is fully closed. The standard surface is natural aluminum. As standard, the distributor is equipped with 4 SCHUKO sockets with VDE test mark. The housing is watertight when closed, protection class IP67. Further assembly variants on request.

To close:
The retractable power distributor is turned anti-clockwise using the special key and then pressed down until it fully engages in the seal. The end position is audible with a “flop”. In the lower position, the lowering distributor no longer has to be twisted.

To open:
The lowering distributor is pulled up using the special key and then turned clockwise. This is how it stays in place when open.


Equipment SV302-2: • 4x Schuko

Equipment SV302-3: • 1x CEE 5/16A 400V/6h

Equipment SV302-4: • 1x CEE 5/32A 400V/6h

Equipment SV302-5: • 3x Schuko • 1x CEE Adapter 16A


Dimensions: 205 x 205 x 230 mm
Instl Dim: 205 x 205 x 225 mm
Supply: 1x lateral Ø 25 mm, 1x below Ø 32 mm

Equipment Schuko, CEE16, CEE32, machine plug
Design square, cylindrical
Ground asphalt, concrete, stone
Field of application indoor and outdoor
Protection IP67
Material aluminum
Color aluminum nature
Surface anodized
Load passable by car
Installation under floor
Height adjustment not levelable
Number of slots 04