Round floor socket 7702A with aluminum screw cap and 2 slots. The floor socket is made of solid, gray PVC and can be used both outdoors and indoors. When closed, it is waterproof. The floor socket is opened and closed with a special key. Other equipment variants on request.

Equipment: 2x Schuko
Dimensions: Ø 170 x 120 mm
Installation dimensions: Ø 170 x 120 mm
Supply line: 2x on the side, M25 x 1.5


Ground anchor 12210:
Dimensions: 170x120mm

Rain protection set 12255:
Dimensions tube: Ø 170 x 120 mm
Dimensions cap: Ø 174 x 62 mm

Aluminum leveling ring 12251: an adjustable ring made of solid aluminum for fastening in the wooden floor, Ø 200 x 8 mm


Equipment Schuko
Design round
Ground concrete, gravel, gravel bed, soil
Field of application indoor and outdoor
Protection IP67
Material aluminum, stainless steel, PVC
Color aluminum
Surface anodized
Load walkable
Installation under floor
Height adjustment not levelable
Number of slots 02