iPad, iPad holder and wall merge into one flat surface. The reduced gap dimension supports the clear design language and symmetry. The iPad Pro wall mount convinces with its classic and timeless design and is reduced to the essential – the iPad. It is attached seamlessly at the viveroo level, which allows it to be integrated flush into walls and furniture.

The flush iPad wall mount that permanently supplies your iPad Pro with power.

High-quality materials paired with careful workmanship, the iPad Pro wall mount viveroo level guarantees perfection down to the smallest detail. It also impresses beneath the surface with its solid aluminum body, which holds your iPad securely.

The design of the viveroo level integrates seamlessly into its surroundings. The elegant surfaces of the iPad Pro wall mount are made of high-quality aluminium.
The viveroo level is available in 2 colors:
SuperSilver [Silver]
DeepBlack [Black]

Individual color requests and branding can also be implemented.



In the level, your iPad is held securely in the wall and charged. With our mounting set, which is available separately, you can choose between the charging function and a data and power supply.

With the optional PoE network set, your iPad is supplied with power and data via a PoE adapter. Both power and data are transmitted via a LAN cable.
We offer you the appropriate mounting box for wall installation separately. The PoE adapter disappears invisibly behind the iPad wall mount.