With stylish and sophisticated surfaces, the iPad wall mount with power Viveroo Loop can be perfectly integrated into nearly every wall. Whether in portrait or landscape format: the perfect setting for every app. Discover the fascinating functionality of this rotating iPad wall mount.

Equipped with a battery-saving charging function, the iPad wall mount supplies the tablet with power via the Lightning connector. Due to passive cooling, this function of the iPad wall mount is designed for continuous operation. So it is always ready for its tasks: full functional reliability.

Despite the iPad wall mount, your iPad remains what it is: a mobile device. Pushing the button of viveroo loop iPad docking station, it opens and the iPad can be removed and returned. Should your iPad require heightened protection, the secure iPad wall mount can be featured with a custom-developed App and Bluetooth mechanism to protect against theft.

The high design standard of the iPad wall mount Viveroo Loop cannot be overlooked. The elegant surfaces are made of high-quality materials such as glass and aluminium, combined in a purist and timeless design.

The iPad wall mount Viveroo Loop Is Available in 3 versions: