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Maior Flip 900 is the best solution for installing a motorized ceiling tv mount with an adjustable motorized system that closes the screen flush with the ceiling, without a hidden panel system. When the electric motorized flip down TV bracket is closed, it frees up the space, and the TV screen will still be visible on the ceiling.

With this adjustable ceiling-mounted TV bracket, you can control the screen via remote control or wall switches, bringing it from its position flush with the ceiling to an open position, up to 90°, with a 360° rotation, to find the most comfortable viewing angle.

Thanks to this hidden mechanism, your space will become multifunctional, making every corner available, suited to any furniture, without limitations; you can move the TV set down only when desired and leave it flush with the ceiling to free up space or open the view over a glass wall or an open space.

Weight: 30 kg max
Approximate size: up to 70″

Screen range: 55″ – 70″
Opening: 90° | Descent: 680mm | Rotation: 360°
Power supply AC 110/220 V | Coaxial antenna | HDMI 2.0 | Cat.6 Ethernet

Designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in Italy.

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