The most compact retractable TV bracket. Your TV has never been so practical and space-saving.

The Maior Flip 90 compact retractable TV bracket is the practical solution for those who want to install a TV on the ceiling in a simple way, even when there isn’t much space.

The motorized bracket allows the TV to close in the same niche as the movement mechanism. This makes it possible to install the TV ceiling mount in any type of environment, overcoming the structural limits and characteristics of the domestic or commercial space. You can choose to place this recessed TV system in any type of environment, from conference rooms, to domestic environments, hotels or offices.

The movement can be controlled by remote control or by wall push button. Alternatively, if the house has a home automation system, the system can be integrated to achieve the best results, creating scenarios that make the user’s life more comfortable.

Weight: 70 kg max
Approximate size: up to 75″

Opening: 85°
Power supply AC 110/220 V | Coaxial antenna | HDMI 2.0 | Cat.6 Ethernet

Designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in Italy.

Please contact us for technical drawings and MAIOR catalogue.