Maior Flip 900R is the most elegant and complete motorized TV lift for ceiling.

Both the motorized mechanism and the TV screen are completely hidden inside the false ceiling. When open and the screen is visible, the TV appears light, almost suspended mid-air. In addition, height and inclination can be adjusted. When the system closes, the screen disappears, completely concealed in the false ceiling.

The concealed TV systems allows you to create harmonious environments, in which the pieces of furniture can be chosen with greater freedom, minimizing design constraints. Spaces can be fully used, as the motorized TV lift allows you to place the TV anywhere, even in the middle of a room or in front of windows or glass walls.

With this motorized system, every space becomes more open and multifunctional, because opening and adjusting Maior Flip 900R the TV is always available when you want to watch it. Instead, when guests are welcomed, during a party or when a business meeting is held, the TV can be hidden quickly and completely. This concealable ceiling TV system opens up to 90º and drops vertically in a fully motorized way. Moreover, it rotates to 360º. That allows an optimal view of the screen, from any position.

Compatible materials for rear panel: MDF, plywood, plexiglas, drywall.

Weight: 28 kg max
Approximate size: up to 65″

Opening: 90° | Descent: 680mm | Rotation: 360°
Power supply AC 110/220 V | Coaxial antenna | HDMI 2.0 | Cat.6 Ethernet

Designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in Italy.

Please contact us for technical drawings and MAIOR catalogue.