Retractable power tower VM07

The retractable power tower VM07 is part of the retractable power tower family and is the solution for distributing, in total safety, electric energy and other services, such as water, compressed air, data transmission and sound systems.
The unit has an AISI304 stainless steel structure, or AISI316L on demand, and has two fronts available for electrical equipment and for the installation of valves for air and / or water distribution.

This type of retractable supply units allows to optimize the outdoors and indoors, taking advantage of every available centimeter and avoiding the installation of fixed architectural barriers: it is possible to opt for a stainless steel manhole cover that can be filled to maximise its camouflage when is closed.

The VM07 model proved to be useful in different contexts, such as: market areas, squares, historic centers, municipal parks, bridges, car parks, parking areas for campers, hotels, swimming pools, soccer fields, sports centers, amusement and theme parks, workshops, railway and underground stations, airports, hangars, maintenance centers, warehouses, industrial sites, roads and highways … and much more!

New VMR offers a tailor-made design service, in order to meet the client needs.


Retractable power tower, model VM07 from the “Urban Technology” line of New VMR S.r.l., for the distribution of energy and other services, made of press-bent AISI304 stainless steel painted RAL 1021.
Manual lifting by its special ergonomic handle up to its lock position. D400 cast iron cover with semiautomatic lifting with release key and gas rams.

Available covers:
· D400 cast iron cover EN 124

Completed with its RBK concrete box 660×660 H960mm.


RBK concrete box
Structure made of AISI304 stainless steel
Structure made of AISI316L stainless steel (only on demand)

Connection system
Connection with H07RN-F cable (out of the concrete 3,00mt standard) to a dorsal shaft

Electrical specs
Voltage 230V/400V
Frequency from 50hz to 60hz
Standard protection of the sockets IP67 or IP68
Regulation EN 60947-1 and EN 61439

Additional equipment
Compressed air outlets
Audio / video connectors
RJ-data / video / telephone jacks
Water outlets / valves 1/2″ or 3/4″
Energy consumption meters
Water consumption meters
Prepaid system with rechargeable BADGE cards and CONTROL TOTEM


New VMR equips its retractable power tower with IP67.

Below you can see some examples of electrical configurations for the retractable power tower type VM07:

Equipment A: Equipment G:
08 2P+E 16A CEE sockets 02 2P+E 16A CEE sockets
08 RCBOs 1P+N 16A 6ka 0,03 02 RCBOs 1P+N 16A 6ka 0,03
01 heating kit 02 3P+N+E 16A CEE sockets
02 3P+N+E 32A CEE sockets
Equipment B: 02 RCBOs 4x32A 6ka 0,03
04 2P+E 16A CEE sockets 01 heating kit
04 RCBOs 1P+N 16A 6ka 0,03
02 ball valves 1/2″ for water distribution or compressed air Equipment H:
01 heating kit 02 3P+N+E 16A interlocked sockets
02 RCBOs 4x16A 6ka 0,03
Equipment C: 02 3P+N+E 32A interlocked sockets
06 2P+E 16A CEE sockets 02 RCBOs 4x32A 6ka 0,03
06 RCBOs 1P+N 16A 6ka 0,03 01 heating kit
01 ball valve 1/2″ for water distribution or compressed air
01 heating kit Equipment I:
04 2P+E 16A interlocked sockets
Equipment D: 04 RCBOs 1P+N 16A 6ka 0,03
04 2P+E 16A CEE sockets 01 heating kit
04 RCBOs 1P+N 16A 6ka 0,03
01 3P+N+E 16A CEE socket Equipment L:
01 RCBO 4x16A 6ka 0,03 02 2P+E 16A interlocked sockets
01 3P+N+E 32A CEE socket 02 RCBOs 1P+N 16A 6ka 0,03
01 RCBO 4x32A 6ka 0,03 01 3P+N+E 16A interlocked socket
01 heating kit 01 RCBO 4x16A 6ka 0,03
01 3P+N+E 32A interlocked socket
Equipment E: 01 RCBO 4x32A 6ka 0,03
06 2P+E 16A CEE sockets 01 heating kit
06 RCBOs 1P+N 16A 6ka 0,03
02 2P+E 32A CEE sockets Equipment M:
02 RCBOs 1P+N 32A 6ka 0,03 02 2P+E 16A interlocked sockets with fuse
01 heating kit 01 3P+N+E 16A interlocked socket with fuse
01 3P+N+E 32A interlocked socket with fuse
Equipment F: 01 heating kit
01 3P+N+E 63A CEE socket
01 RCBO 4X63A 6ka 0,03
01 heating kit