1/10VDC Dimming Actuator for Drivers or Ballasts, with fluorescent tubes or LED lighting.


1-10V Dimming Actuator for Drivers or Ballasts, with fluorescent tubes or LED lighting.
3 output channels, with a maximum of 3A per channel.
It has 2 control elements for switching/dimming the load:

K relay: 3 independent contacts that open or close the phase output to the drivers or ballasts. Therefore, with this relay, we will control the power supply of the luminaires. If a greater number of electronic ballasts or drivers with high inrush currents are to be connected, a separate load contactor is recommended.
1-10V Analogue Output: dimming signal. The number of electronic ballasts or drivers that can be dimmed via the 1-10V output, depends on the ballast-specific 1/10V input current of the types used.

Different functions and parameters can be enabled and parameterised by the ETS: staircase lighting timer with warning function, dimming speed, scene control (up to 5), sequential operation, soft turn on/off, etc.
Outputs can be operated manually (even without bus connection).
The device has integrated overload, short-circuit and over-heating protection.
Modular installation device. DIN-rail mounting. 5-modules wide.
Programming and commissioning by ETS4 or later versiom.

Product reference RE KNT 110
Power Supply (V) 230VCA
Frequency (Hz) 50
Consumption 13mA
Output channels 3
Switching capacity (A) 3
Type of load Ballast or Driver 1/10Vcc
LED lamps load (W) 0
Halogen lamps with ferromagnetic trafo (W) 0
Motores (VA) 0
Maximum current input 1/10VDC (mA) 500
Maximum current output 1/10VDC (mA) 100 (por Canal) // 270 (en Total)
Maximum Number of Equipments 150
Binary/Analogic Inputs 0
Installation DIN Rail
Module number 5
Control KNX bus
Programming by ETS4 o posterior
Compatible with KNX
Connection terminals Captive Screws
Cable section (mm2) 6
Minimum Storage Temperature (ºC) (min) -30
Maximum Storage Temperature (ºC) (max) 70
Minimum Working Temperature (ºC) (min) -5
Maximum Working Temperature (ºC) (max) 45
Protection Degree IP20 , UNE 20324