7in TS Wi-Fi video kit 1F DIN supply un. – K40955

1-family surface mounting video entry kit with: 1 hands-free 7in touch-screen LCD video entryphone with Wi-Fi connection, 1 1-button audio/video entrance panel with rainproof cover, 1 40103 supply unit, supplied with fixing bracket

– The kits are ready to use and do not require any particular programming; maximum distance between the entrance panel and the last monitor: up to 100 m with 1 mm2

– Expandable: up to 3 monitors can be associated with each call push button

– Multiple languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch)

– Intercom function between indoor stations (of the same family)

– Ringtone volume and volume for communicating, brightness, colour and contrast are adjustable. Possibility of choosing between 6 melodies available for selection. ‘Mute’ function


The system supports up to two outdoor stations, one CCTV camera for each outdoor station and three indoor stations per family, up to a maximum of two families
In general, a Video door entry system can be used with EVO devices and/or Entry devices. Consequently, both systems of the same type (all 40910.M or all 40915.M), or mixed systems (where monitors 40910.M and 40915.M are connected) can be created.
Moreover, monitor 40945.M is compatible with both 40910.M and 40915.M monitors.
Correct functioning of monitor 40945.M, in a system, is guaranteed if 2 (two) conditions are observed:
– Monitor 40945.M is configured as the master.
– Outdoor stations art. 40921.P1 or 40921.P2 are used in the
system; only these outdoor stations guarantee the remote
operation functions of monitor 40945.M itself

Video entryphone

– 7″ capacitive touch screen monitor.
– IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity
– Possibility of receiving firmware upgrades via OTA (Over The Air)
– Remote operation of calls via one or more smartphones
– Actuator enabling7disabling (lock and gate)
– Internal flash memory and micro SD card support.
– Automatic and manual video/image recording
– Intercom function between indoor units (of the same family).
– Adjustable brightness, colour and contrast
– Adjustable ringtone volume and conversation volume
– 6 selectable ringtones
– „Do not disturb” function
– Multiple languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch)

Entrance panel

– Two-wire audio-video unit with wide angle lens camera
– 120° horizontal wide angle, 1000TVL
– White LEDs for night-time illumination
– Protection degree: IP44
– Degree of protection against impact: IK07
– Aluminium housing, vandal-resistant
– Speaker volume adjustment
– Backlit name plate and call button
– Rainproof cover
– Electric door lock and/or automatic door control
– Surface-wall mount installation
– When the outdoor station is in “speaking mode”, i.e. when an “outdoor station-monitor” or “outdoor station-App” audio communication is activated, the push button lights and the lights behind the label holder light up intermittently