Video kit – 7in TS Wi-Fi 1F IP/2-wire – K40980

IP over 2 wires surface mounting video door entry kit containing: 1 hands-free touch screen monitor, integrated Wi-Fi for call repetition on smartphone with dedicated App, 7” LCD colour display, complete with bracket for surface mounting, 1 audiovideo entrance panel with rain-proof frame configurable for 1, 2 or 4 families with RFID reader with relay output configurable as NO or NC for electrical lock or voltage-free contact, 5 Mifare coloured RFID cards (40169), 1 power supply unit (40105)

– Compatible with Amazon Alexa voice assistants

– No need for programming, simply connect the devices with just 2 wires

– To receive and manage video door entry calls directly from your smartphone or tablet

– When refurbishing existing 2-wire systems, the indoor and outdoor stations can simply be replaced, maintaining the same wiring

– Up to 3 Wi-Fi cameras per apartment can be connected; Vimar cameras supported 46237.040A, 46239.040A and 46241.036A


In general, the IPo2W system allows video door entry devices to communicate with each other via the TCP/IP protocol, using a connection over non-polarised 2-wire cables.
The system can also interface with IP cameras via Wi-Fi.
The system offered is composed of:
– Outdoor Station. One outdoor station can be connected. The outdoor station can be configured to communicate with two apartments.
– Indoor Station. One or two indoor stations can be installed in an apartment.
– System power supply unit. One outdoor station and two indoor stations per apartment can be connected, for up to two apartments.
Assuming that the system power supply unit is the device at the centre of the video door entry system, outdoor stations and indoor stations can be connected to the power supply unit with a star topology, a daisy-chain connection (or input to output) or a mixed connection (star and daisy-chain).

Entrance panel

– Two-wire audio-video unit with wide angle lens camera
– CMOS video sensor with 2Mpx resolution
– H.264 video compression with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080)
– 160° horizontal wide angle lens
– Full-duplex audio with echo cancellation and noise reduction functions
– 2 IR LEDs for night vision
– Protection degree: IP54
– Protection degree against impact: IK07
– Aluminium housing
– Speaker volume adjustment
– Name plate for single or double apartment systems, backlit with call button
– Rain-proof frame
– Electric lock and/or relay control mounting frame
– RFID reader
– Surface installatio

Technical data:

– DC input: 32V via system bus (use the power supply unit provided in the kit)
– 7″ LCD TFT screen
– 1024 x 600 LCD resolution (RGB)
– Micro SD card slot: SDHC format, Memory size 8 – 128 GB, Speed class: Class4 – Class10
– Internal flash memory to store videos, images and audio messages
– Dimensions (mm) 184(L) x 146 (A) x 24 (D): the overall dimensions of the monitor, with or without surface mounting frame (bracket), they do not vary
– IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi – If the indoor station is connected to the Wi-Fi, we recommend positioning it where the Wi-Fi signal strength is at least -60 dBm, in other words two lines in the related icon
– Frequency range: 2412-2472 MHz
– RF transmission power: < 100 mW (20 dBm)
– Surface installation
– For installation with flush mounting boxes:
– Mounting box 7249 (with bracket 40196)
– Round mounting box 2M V71701
– Horizontal/vertical mounting box 3M V71703, V71303
– British Standard square mounting box