Two-family kit 7in video plug-in supply K40911

Video door entry kit containing 2 hands-free 7in LCD video entryphones with capacitive keypad, 1 2-button audio/video entrance panel with rainproof cover, 2 24 Vdc 1 A supply units with interchangeable plugs (EU, BS, US, AU)complete with surface mounting fixing brackets

– The kits are ready to use and do not require any particular programming; maximum distance between the entrance panel and the last monitor: up to 100 m with 1 mm2

– Expandable: up to 3 monitors can be associated with each call push button

– Multiple languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch)

– Can be connected to an external camera for video surveillance

– Intercom function between indoor stations (of the same family)

– Ringtone volume and volume for communicating, brightness, colour and contrast are adjustable. Possibility of choosing between 6 melodies available for selection. ‘Mute’ function



The system supports up to two speech units, one CCTV camera for each speech unit and three indoor units per family, up to a maximum of two families.
The video entryphones in a system may be all of the same type or of different types:

– monitor, version with touch sensitive keys, available in kits K40910, K40911, K40912, K40930, K40931, K40932
– monitor touch-screen version, available in kits K40915, K40916, K40917, K40935, K40936, K40937 and
– monitor, Wi-Fi touch-screen version, available in kits K40945, K40946, K40947, K40955, K40956, K40957

Video entryphone

–  7″ Monitor
–  5 backlit capacitive soft buttons
– Intercom function between indoor units (of the same family)
– Adjustable brightness, colour and contrast
–  Adjustable ringtone volume and conversation volume
–  6 selectable ringtones

Entrance panel

– Two-Wire audio-video unit with wide-angle camera
– 120° horizontal wide angle, 1000TVL
– White LEDs for night-time illumination
– Ingress protection rating: IP44
– Protection rating against impact: IK07
– Aluminium housing, vandal-resistant
– Speaker volume adjustment
– Name plate with backlit call buttons
– Rainproof cover
– Electric door lock and/or automatic door control
– Surface-wall mount installation