KNX PIR motion detectors with luminosity sensor.

The lux level and time delay can be set with the control knobs, by using the IR remote control (EM MAN DM0) or via ETS.
One PIR sensor and a high resolution lens can detect the smallest movement.
Depending on the parameterization by ETS, this detectors can work as:

Motion detection: depending on the movement and the daylight.
Twilight switch: teach-in brightness threshold for daylight-dependent switching.
Constant light control: with dimming telegrams.
Signal monitoring: motion detection without brightness sensor.
Brightness sensor: light sensor without motion detection.
Temperature sensor: sends the temperature value.

Detection area of 360º and maximum 7m at 2.5m high.
Flush ceiling mounted.
Power supplied by the Bus.
Programation by ETS3 or later version.

Product reference DM KNT 001
Power Supply (V) 21Vcc – 32Vcc
Consumption 9,3mA
Output channels 1
Maximum Number of Equipments 0
Detecting angle (º) 360
Mounting height (m) 2.5
Coverage diameter (m) 7
Programming by ETS3 or later
Start up System Mode
Minimum Time setting (seconds) 0,1
Maximum Time setting (minutes) 85
Minimum Brightness level (lux) (min) 5
Maximum Brightness level (lux) (max) 1000
Tecnology Infrareds (PIR)
Mounting Flush ceiling
Admits contactor No
Zero crossing point No
Compatible with KNX
Minimum Working Temperature (ºC) (min) -5
Maximum Working Temperature (ºC) (max) 45
Protection Degree IP20, Class II