The original. The clean aesthetics, the simplified design and the exclusive colour scheme of the popular Gira E2 design line fits perfectly into a wide range of furnishing styles – both private and business.

Standard 58 mm flush-mounted boxes or in cavity boxes.

Thermoplastic: shatter-proof, UV-resistant plastic with easy-care surface.
Stainless steel: high-quality material, resistant surface with cool-silver silky lustre.

The intelligent technology of this high-quality design line can be expanded and adapted as required. Thanks to its compatibility with the GIRA System 55, you can combine E2 with more than 300 functions and switch to other GIRA switch ranges at any time. This offers the opportunity to differentiate different rooms in terms of value and at the same time to ensure the uniform design of a building.

International Design Award
Red Dot Design Innovations
iF Product Design Award


1-gang cover frame: H 80.8 x W 80.8 x D 9.3 mm
2-gang cover frame: H 151.9 x W 80.8 x D 9.3 mm
3-gang cover frame: H 223.4 x W 80.8 x D 9.3 mm
4-gang cover frame: H 294.7 x W 80.8 x D 9.3 mm
5-gang cover frame: H 366.0 x W 80.8 x D 9.3 mm