The Intensity Invisible of Tense is a capacitive touch based switch which is integrated in the plastered wall with the help of the Trimless Switch Wallbox by Xillo® – a special wallbox made with the patented Xillo® material.

This fixture will allow you to have a perfect 100% recessed solution for the Tense Intensity, Infinity & Motivity products for both Plasterboard and Brick or Concrete wall structures.

The Intensity Invisible has 4 touch zones with individual white LED feedback coming from the corners of each separate touch zone. The LED feedback is adjustable in 2 settings: The first one is 70% brightness when untouched, when touched the white LED will light up to 100% brightness. The second option is no LED brightness is shown, but when touched the white LED will light up to 100%.

The processing of the generated touch signals depends on the connected third party input module. Multi-touch output is supported without separate channel.


The Intensity Invisible is installed with the Trimless Wallbox delivered by Xillo® to ensure a 100% trimless and recessed result. Xillo meets the highest finishing standards and is suitable for all surfaces.

Available in:
• 6mm thickness to mount on a brick or concrete wall (BC)
• 12,5 mm thickness to integrate in a plasterboard wall (PB)

The Trimless Wallbox by Xillo® has to be ordered separately.

1. (BC) Drill a hole in the wall according to the product’s dimensions. (PB) Make a square hole in the material and position 2 small wooden bars behind the opening.
2. Position the fixture by using the markings and a laser.
3. Screw the fixture on the wall by using 4 plugs and screws through pre-drilled holes.
4. Equalize with plaster up until the outer rim.
5. Paint the in- and outside of the fixture in your preferred colour.