The Infinity of Tense is a capacitive touch based OLED room controller with integrated temperature sensor.

Would you like to control your audio? Check energy readings? Or do you like to have text feedback concerning, e.g. the thermostat function? The Infinity does it all.

The Infinity combines the stern designer look whilst incorporating all the extra functionalities of a complete room controller. All these functions are set through the ETS software of KNX.

Every KNX Infinity has three functions:
Every touch zone has a double function with the short and long touch capability.
By a short multi-touch, you display the extra information page.
By a long multi-touch, you enter the main menu (e.g.: lights, shutters, blinds, curtains, multimedia, thermostat, motors etc)
You navigate the main menu by sliding the upper two buttons. You navigate the sub menu by horizontally sliding the lower two buttons.

Thermostat function through its built-in temperature sensor or by connecting an external KNX temperature sensor.

All switches have individual dimmable RGB LED feedback per touch zone which can be customized regarding to your wishes.

The Infinity of Tense room controller is available with 4 (metal, glass, and Corian®) and 8 (metal and Corian®) direct touch buttons and a menu to control your light settings, blinds, shutters, thermostat, audio etc.

These are all handmade products hence every room controller is unique in colour and texture.

Customizations (engraving, printing, lasering etc) available.

Wood and stone available for projects.