The Gira E3 design line combines rounded design contours with satin finish and glossy surfaces in subtle shades. A wide variety of designs can be created by combining support frames and inserts in anthracite or pure white glossy with the colourful cover frames.

As part of the System 55, E3 offers a wide range of functions and options: dimmers, switches, sockets, video doorbells, USB power supplies, tactile switches and other.

GIRA E3 consists of thermoplastic, halogen-free plastic, is IP20-certified and can therefore withstand rough treatment. This high-quality material also offers an easy-care, satin finish. The soft-touch surface guarantees a unique touch and usage experience.

The luxurious color combinations come into their own in the unique, double-layered cover plates. An E3 cover plate consists of two parts, with the back color matching the inserts. By combining the base frame and the white or anthracite-colored inserts with the different cover frames, many different, individual design variants can be created. This particular two-part structure creates a modern and creative look.

There are different versions of the cover plates, from 1x to 5x. These can be used both horizontally and vertically and have a standard thickness of 9.5 mm. The double frames are also available without a center column; the dimensions are identical to those of the standard double cover frames.