With its large, exposed operating surface, the Gira F100 design line effortlessly blends into any interior. Simple and timeless elegance.

Gira F100 offers numerous functions aimed at providing greater home comfort – from the Gira RDS flush-mounted radio to home stations from the Gira door communication system and functions for both the KNX system and the wireless system.

Available in Pure white glossy.

1-gang cover frame H 83.3 x W 83.3 x D 10.6
2-gang cover frame H 154.4 x W 83.3 x D 10.6
3-gang cover frame H 225.9 x W 83.3 x D 10.6
4-gang cover frame H 297.2 x W 83.3 x D 10.6
5-gang cover frame H 368.5 x W 83.3 x D 10.6