Rational geometric shapes, a linear profile and clear-cut corners. Charm that never goes out of fashion. The choice is therefore simple, to add value to interior details.

A classy, well-balanced choice.

Materials selected to stand the test of time, innovative production processes and typically Italian attention to finishes. A perfect combination that offers a product of outstanding style designed to enhance every space with its most unique expression.

METAL-ELITE: painted metal. Sophisticated finishes that embellish a simple surface oozing trendy charm. All eyes are drawn to this seductive gleaming surface, making the surroundings gleam.

METAL-COLOR: faced metal. A noble interpretation of the most popular metals used in interior design which, thanks to a specific treatment, makes the material even glossier and, depending on the treatment, makes it look even more high-tech.

SOLID WOOD: an iconic and contemporary material, with a strong texture, conveying a sense of warmth and the vitality of the natural material par excellence. Warm and harmonious taste.

ALU-TECH: aluminium. Modern and hi-tech, aluminium emphasises the contemporary appeal of Arké. From natural to dark bronze, for a discrete and rigorous character-packed presence, featuring sophisticated shades.

REFLEX PLUS: eclectic and versatile technopolymer. A material that embraces all the energy of modern life brimming with colour and shine. A diversified interpretation thanks to the strong appeal of the frosted look.

COLOR-TECH: a technopolymer with a special painted treatment. Generating a bewitching metal effect. Six different colours to emphasise a high-tech style.

TECHNO-BASIC: technopolymer. A simple, hard-wearing material which has been teamed with elegant and simple colours, such as black, white, grey and ivory.