Pure essence of form and material. Slim profiles to emphasise the design. Prized materials and choice finishes that embrace squared corners and striking silhouettes for a cover plate that blends in seamlessly in any setting, creating an original look every single time.

The cover plates of the Eikon Exé series are made using materials resulting from a meticulous selection process, favouring the finest, natural type. Top quality for the 27 finishes that create a different, original soul each time, offering a full variety of solutions suitable for every environment.

TOTAL LOOK METALS: styling continuity and discrete tones for total immersion. Barely there elegance. Striking simplicity in three timeless shades: Matt White, Anthracite Grey and Next, in order to match the buttons in the same colour.

BRUSHED METALS: sophisticated finishes embellish a simple surface oozing trendy charm. The tactile nature of the material is enhanced by a delicate finish on the surfaces in three versions: Nickel, Dark Bronze and Brushed Black.

POLISHED METALS: shiny glints to brighten up the environments. The gaze loses itself in an alluring shiny surface. A polished finish values the charm of Gold, brightens up the modern allure of Nickel and underscores the strikingly simple styling of Black Chrome.

EXCLUSIVE METALS: sophisticated finishes embellish a simple surface oozing trendy charm. The elegance of Satin-finish Gold, the irregular hues of Antique Brushed Bronze and the energy of Brushed Copper.

GLASS: transparencies and games of light teamed with unique details. Surfaces that are screen-printed on the back and flush-ground polished edges in three designs: the classic appeal of Milky White, the warmth of Canvas White and the timeless elegance of Satin Black.

MIRRORS: a solution that lights up environments and created depth. Reflections and lights that interact with the interiors. Reflective surfaces emphasised by a polished edge flush-grinding process. A splash of technology for the Ice Silver finish, an enveloping hue for Shiny Bronze, and a warm tone and satin-finish for Opal Brown.

MARBLED STONEWARE: stoneware, inspired by the textured strength of marble, featuring elegant irregularities and typical vein patterns. The ultimate quality for a material that recalls the most exclusive stones.

WOOD: the warmth and vitality of a natural material par excellence. Three different natural wood finishes. The lighter shade of Oak, the warm hues of American Walnut and the typical mottling of Eucalyptus.

LEATHER: a soft and sophisticated material rendered unique by its slight imperfections. Classic tones with a highly tactile appeal. Savannah with its natural look, the more matt and velvety Steppe, and the fine grained and sophisticated Black Forest.