Shapes designed to be noticed, sizes which delicately stand out on walls, unprecedented combinations and colours, a stylish frame. A design that brings out the very best Italian style to match Eikon Tactil cover plates to perfection.

Eikon Tactil is intelligence, it reads your mind: the proximity sensor brings conventional and home automation devices to life as soon as you come near the device, one step ahead of your movements. The controls light up, ready for your touch.

GLASS: seductive to touch, simply skim over the smooth bright glass surface and ponder the precious gleam for a moment.

NATURAL STONE AND CORIAN®: bewitching materials with exquisitely modern techniques. Strong, with a rigorous soul, clear-cut edges that don’t forgo refinement.

WOOD: natural wood releases vitality and immediately conveys unique warmth.

LEATHER: visual and tactile sophistication enhanced by the natural irregularities of a prized material.